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Release Date: December  2009








Release date:  February 6, 2008

One minute Alexis is defying her irresistible boss in the mysterious red mountains of Sedona.  The next, she's spiraling through time.

Gabriel Marx never believed in reincarnation until he finds an 1864s photograph that haunts him.  The enticing woman in the photo inflames his desire, because she looks exactly like the sexy new Marketing Director he's been coveting all year.  And the man beside her?

It's himself.

Gabe knows they're destined to be together, but Alexis Beaumont insists on keeping things professional.  She taunts him and teases him without ever losing her cool, yet the heat between these colleagues is almost impossible to withstand.

Only when he entices her to Sedona does the tantalizing barrier finally shatter.  Yet now she's time-traveling through tumultuous "love lessons" with a Scottish highlander, a British commodore and a Union soldier.  Can she ever return to the man she's meant for?

And will Gabe be waiting if she does?


Release date: April 9, 2008

Photographer and freelancer, Drew Thompson, is a man haunted by his decision to pursue his career in Iraq, instead of love. Three years ago Zoe's innocence, her passion, and his fiery response to her scared him. Yet living a life without her has torn him to pieces.

Zoe Davis is a supercross/freestyle rider hell bent on driving the memory of one man out of her head and heart. But she can't run fast or far enough to forget his touch, his kiss. She walks a tight-rope of danger. Speed and sometimes pain is the only thing that eases her troubled thoughts of his rejection.

Drew wants to protect and love Zoe, but can he win her trust and heart again with her careless attitude toward life and love.



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